About Us
The National Organisation for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) began in 2004, and has participated as an advocacy organization towards reforming the American work visa programs. Wage discrimination & abuse of the guest workers rights has been the foremost topic debated & promoted by NOSTOPS. To change the perception of the foreign guestworker & to be sought by employers globally has been our mission mandate & the ongoing pursuit has been enriching. Launched for the knowledge worker professionals, the company provides high quality Job opportunities with work visa sponsorships and work visa-related content which is organized into select locations in the world. Employers are provided with access to thousands of per-screened resumes from real people including many of the best and brightest in the industry. We provide a platform for foreign employers to access experienced and qualified professionals.And our services are aimed to cross-verify both - foreign workers as well as the employer overseas. Employers and recruiters engage us to access our online recruiting services and featured listings to further promote them & to help them find them the right employee. Job seekers look to us to help them enhance their prospect of seeking employment abroad by posting their resumes, by searching our database of job postings that offer work visa sponsorships. Our service offerings are designed to assist bring transparency in the space of labor recruitment across borders. As part of the public outreach function of the organization and actively promoting issues of the migrant knowledge workers, our mission is to help our customer's source and hire qualified professionals and to provide professionals with the best job opportunities globally